Saturday, June 16, 2007

nothing for nothing

Tis so sad that the instant gratification people do not understand that everything in life does have a price. So many today think: I see; I want: ergo tis mine. But that is not so. If u do not pay for it in currency and u are caught surely u will do some time sooner or later. Applying that same logic to our situation in Iraq. No war can be fought without casualties. Every day in WWII or Korea we had more casualties than have so far taken place in Iraq. Should our people of those times have said bring the troops home because of the occurence of casualties. Had those of our WWII people thought that way, today we would all be speaking German and heiling hitler or some later monster.

They did not think that way, but stood tall, sucked it up and won the war. The same must be done today. Whiners and criers take note, make nice nice to animals, monsters, sickos will only result in another 9/11 that will make the original 9/11 look like a wadeable wave in comparision to a tsunami.

This man fought in Korea. War is indeed hell and no one wants it. BUT there are times, such as now, when doing what u want or not doing want u do not want is tantamount to the death of America and American freedom as we know it